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Psychic Midwife


Welcome to the home of the psychic midwive.

My name is Carol Stewart  I trained as a Enrolled Nurse in 1980 and
did further training to become a Staff Nurse, while I was doing all this
training my main ambition was to become a midwife.
I had  this fascination since I was a child to become a Midwife and there was
always something magical about it I could not explain.  
I have been a Midwife for 26yrs, My experience includes all aspects of midwifery.
From preconception to post natal care.  
Midwives have always been classed as "special people".
I believe that they are because of the powers they have
to help bring "life" into this world.

Each month I will do an arcticle on Midwifery which will offer you guidance as you
take the journey on your path towards bringing life into this world

If you have specific areas you want me to focus on for my
future articles then please send me an e-mail.


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