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The Power of Magick

psychic voice goddess triple moon

Hello again, and Welcome to the Psychic Voice. In this article I will be talking about the Power of Magick. Before I go on any further I would like to express that through out all of my writings I will use the term power or God interchangeably. This is because I am using human words to explain what is in fact unexplainable.

I sort of highlighted in the last article that I am not all together overly concerned with the various belief structures that exist in order to explain the nature of Spirit, rather I am more concerned with the existence and nature of Spirit it's self.

psychic voice goddess triple moon

Different views exist with regards to the nature of spirit, but I am making a point to focus on the power that is behind them all. 
I highlighted earlier in my first article that there are various ways to access or tap into the power to cause desired changes in our lives, the ways that I have personally employed to achieve this has mainly been through prayers, spells, and various meditations, all done with the application of a focused will.

I will explain what each method means to me, and how each has helped me to experience the power.

psychic voice goddess triple moon

The Spell

When one thinks of the word spell, or to cast a spell most people think of something out of the realm of Harry Potter, or other fiction such as the TV show Charmed, where in a few specially chosen words harness such power causing them to create the most spectacular occurrences.   The magic just happens; there is plenty of rhyme, but all too often little to no reason.

In reality spells are the formulaic methods used to spell our desires out to the universe, whether we view this as God or simply the power makes little to know difference.

In a spell we might chose to use certain materials or specific ingredients depending on what we are wishing to achieve, or how creative we happen to be.
Some people believe that it is essential that, we should use a rhythmic iambic pentameter to make a spell work.


I believe as do many others that it is not what we do that makes a spell work, but it is how we do it that really matters. The formulaic nature that I mentioned earlier is important though not an essential ingredient needed to make a spell successful.

I do employ this method because I like there to be a clear cut reason as to why I am using a candle with a specific colour, using a particular incense, or employing the use of particular herbs or other devices. However I refuse to let the things I use choke the power of will out of the work.

I will go into spells in more detail in my next article.

psychic voice goddess triple moon

The Prayer

People often look as me like I have lost my mind when I tell them that I pray daily. It seems as if they think that too pray that you have to be a church going Holy- Roller, or some other form of fanatic.

I however feel that prayer is a vital part of my life, because in my opinion it is not just about who you are praying to, rather it is about knowing through experience that your prayers are heard. 

Just like spells some people want to become very formulaic in regards to how they chose to pray. I am not saying this is wrong, for to each person there will be a personalised way of expression to the Divine.

However unlike spells I feel that an over reliance to the methods in regards to prayer can be counter productive.

Imagine if you were sitting in your living room watching television and the phone rang, and it was a friend you had not spoken to in years, and the first thing out of there mouth was something like: ‘Oh please darling one listen to me I know you are busy but you are usually a really good listener, not to mention a fabulous cook, you look cute too; if you have a little time will you lend me some money so my children can eat?'

psychic voice goddess triple moon

That is how we pray. We act spiritual. We believe God or who ever we are praying to demands to hear certain things from us. Remember there is no reason to act as what you already are. There is no need to butter up God, or what ever your view is of the divine is in order to be heard or receive assistance. Simply ask, and if it is in Gods power it will be given.

I hear people say there is nothing too hard for God, yet they approach him (or her) like there are some things that are indeed too hard or even down right impossible.
Just be truthful with no apologies and you will break through and be heard.


Spells and prayers as well as mediations, are ways to access the power. In my line of work there is proper cause to employ these at certain times.
The power of God or the universe is in all things and is everywhere, so there are times when we actively engage in this such as when crafting and casting a spell, and there are other times when all we need is someone to hear us such as when we pray.  
In all of our getting it is important that we understand there is a time to pursue and make things happen such as in a spell work, but there is power in the blessed quietness in which all we have is the strength to sit back and receive as in the posture of prayer and meditation.


Blessed Be

Jamie Assiah

psychic voice goddess triple moon


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