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The Magickal Universe

Earlier I mentioned that we are part of nature, and that most spiritual philosophies in one way or the other see the individual as a universe in its own right.

The term for this is the microcosm, or micro universe.


When we think of the constitution of our being, the physical body with its internal systems and various organs, as well as our capacity for mental awareness and organisation, it becomes easy to see why this view has been maintained since antiquity. The microcosm represents the body as well as the inner being of an individual. This can be seen as the personal subjective universe.



In like manner the term macrocosm describes the vastness of the external universe, complete with galaxies, stars, and planets, all the way down to the smallest atoms or molecules. This is the objective outer universe that contains all that is separate from us. The outer universe seems to be infinitely large, ever- expanding outwards in all directions.



There have been recent notions put forth from physicist that theorize that the universe is in actually part of a larger system of universes which is seen as a multi-verse. At first thought of this concept, it becomes understandable for one to feel somewhat, if not wholly insignificant in this grand scheme of cosmic events.


I however take comfort in this notion of there being more than one universe; that our universe is simply one of a countless number of other systems, because I feel that this idea illustrates the beliefs that have been held for countless millennia by those who are inclined towards a spiritual point of view.



In my opinion the multi-universal notion of the cosmos mirrors the view that supports the belief of the individual being a single small- scaled universe within a larger external universe. It supports the theory that our inner nature is part of the outer nature, and from this it can be said that they both affect one another.



The Zohar, the "Book of Splendour", a cabbalistic treatise which explores the creation of the universe supports this view of the inner and outer universe by stating: "All that exist upon the earth has its spiritual counterpart on high, and there exists nothing in this world which is not attached to something above, and not found in dependence upon it.



All that is contained in the lower world is also found in prototype.

The lower and upper reciprocally act upon each other"


We can see that anything that happens in the outer universe can affect us personally. We can observe what happens on earth when the gravity of the moon exerts its pull on the ocean tides. We are also affected to some degree by the changing of the seasons.


The point that I am seeking to make is that if the outer universe affects us, then it is not too much of a stretch to accept that we as individuals affect the outer universe and contribute to its reality. It is an on- going interaction between us and the outer cosmos.



Affecting inner and outer change has always been what magick has aimed to do, however it is not unusual to lose sight of this along the path of learning.


I believe that this is largely due to our feelings of separateness and disconnection from not only the external universe, and nature as a whole, but also a disconnection from own inner being.


Most magickally minded people have heard the term: "as above so below." This is the core hermetic principle that gives rise to the possibility of causing change on inner, as well as outer levels.



I believe that anything "out there" in nature is also "in here" inside of us. This is the first acknowledgement that can lead us back to the magick within.


During this exploration of magick it is my intention to focus more on the inner universe as a working ground for change. Again I believe that both the inner and outer universe influence and effect one another, so when you focus on one universal aspect you are in effect focusing on the other.


To rediscover the light within us; the heart of our inner universe, we must return to ourselves and know that we are part of it all.



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