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The Core First Contact Pt 2


My love life was simply non-existent, and I felt blocked in this area as well; as if something really stood in the way of all my attempts at success.


It took me a while, but I finally realized what was going on. Firstly, I had actually lost sight of my life's purpose. I now know that life gives you the tools that you need not simply the things that you think you want.


This epiphany was discovered shortly after my meditation on "nothing", and I began to understand why I saw the things that I saw during this meditative journey.


Simply put, I was going no where; actually, my life was altogether stalled out completely. The visions that I had gave me the inspiration that I would at least travel, not only spiritually but in the material world.


When I thought about the places that I knew were on this earthy sphere, I simply resigned myself to the fact that I would one day get there and see these places with my physical eyes. Mind you, I had no idea how this would take place, I simply accepted that it would, because that was how real these impressions were.


I resumed living my life as it was at that time. I got a "real" job in social care, and eventually I began corresponding with a man from Scotland in the United Kingdom, who would become my future life-partner. Coincidentally, we met online of all places.



To make a long story short, twelve years later my partner and I are still together and have been so for the last eleven years. We have a lovely home and a loving family on both sides of the world.


In case you are wondering, there is a point to the story that I took time to share.


When I first arrived in Scotland I was struck by the city of Glasgow. The first thing that I noticed was the architecture; the Victorian buildings that make up a significant part of the city centre. I instantly knew that this was one of the places that I saw in my mystical journey; yet I mistook as being the city of Philadelphia.


Interestingly, Glasgow was later used in a movie in which it was cast as the city of Philadelphia.


After living in Glasgow for a few years my partner achieved the honor of earning an all expense paid trip to Dubai, due to his successful performance on his job. It was thrilling for both of us, because my partner has always been a hard worker and had to travel at times for work purposes, and this was a trip that allowed for us to share this experience as a couple.



We arrived late at night yet we decided to stay up for a while and see the sights after freshening up. The first thing my partner did when we entered into our illustrious hotel suite was open up the curtains to see the view of the ocean. Once the curtains were open, to my surprise was none other than the ship sail shaped building from my vision! It was actually the Burj Al Arab hotel standing by the sea.


I saw a pattern emerging after seeing all of these "coincidences". Firstly, besides occasionally reading my tarot cards; I had not really used the spiritual tools which I acquired over the years, such as spell work or deep meditative journeys for a very long while, especially for my love life or career.



It was at this time that I realised that something very powerful occurred to me when I focused on the nothing, which was apparently the destination of my life at that time. I believe that the universe or the divine spark within me saw fit to show me first hand the direction that my life would take. Since I didn't perform the meditation with a goal in mind, I was able to get past my blocks with out knowing it.


My higher self, my core took it upon it's self to show me that I would in fact have plenty of unexpected changes in my life, versus the nothing that described some of my life at the time. I had to live through the lean period to discover that the manifestations would come through a finding the true love that I had given up looking for; who became instrumental in getting me to the places that were in my visions.


I am very grateful for what was shown to me, but I must say that the places I saw in the visions really meant nothing to me at the time, for I didn't hold any bias towards any of the things I saw; I simply let the visions form.


And travelling to far away places was not actually a priority of mine; it was really the love of a life time that I was searching for.



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