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The Core



When we think about ourselves as a whole, we can see that we are more than merely a physical organism. The human being consists of several interrelated and inter-dependant parts. This has been termed in many ways over the years, and such terms as body mind and spirit, or spirit, soul and body have become prevalent in new age and holistic practices.


When I speak of the core, I am referring to a place within us that is beyond our bodies, beyond our thoughts and emotions; a place of stillness within. We are not unfamiliar with this notion; terms such as "the Force", as well as "the Power" seek to explain the essence of this energy that is the cause of and the power behind all that exist.


Many are familiar with the belief that around the body exist a field of energy known as the aura, which is usually divided into seven different layers, which correspond to different parts of the human being, though like most things related to spirituality, there is some debate over this.


I too make use of this aura system during meditation and also to bring healing to myself and others in my psychic work and I will discuss this later in this work.


I do however apply one fundamental difference to my method compared to those that I have seen from other sources; I see the layers of the aura within myself as well as seeing them hovering above and outside of my body. There are several reasons that I have chosen to do this.


Firstly, during meditation I found through experience that I tend to "fall" deeper into myself rather than travelling outwards. During this time I find myself going deeper into my own energies, so for me it is not so much a situation of higher consciousness, but rather deeper consciousness.



Again I must say that I am not seeking to revolutionize magick or any other spiritual discipline, I am only at this time attempting to explain its origin.


At the deepest level of my being (the deepest level felt so far) I discovered an absolute centre of calm, detached observation; a place of pure being.

I have heard of this level of being spoken of by other mystical scholars, and in most cases it has been referred to as the silent witness; the immortal core of ones being, who knows all and sees all yet ever remains in this perpetual state of calm.


I believe that there are many levels of this deep abiding core, and that this centre of awareness can go on into infinity, into deeper and more refined levels of being.

I believe this is the essential force or power inside of us. I also believe that it is from this core that all magick begins.


Avoiding the urge to delve into deep philosophical speculation, I will simply say that this state of being that I call the core corresponds to the neutral space that existed before there was anything created. The reason this place is so powerful, is that when we tap into the core, we have in effect entered into our original creative state, and anything really is possible in this place of absolute potential.



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